Why Millennials Are Choosing Puppies Over Children?

Aug. 22, 2018

Many Millenials are choosing to sidestep the traditional life events, from getting married later, if at all, to choosing to spend money rather than saving for the future.


With so many instagram accounts filled with pictures of spoiled pups, its clear to see that from the amount of care Millennials take making their pets comfortable and happy like this, that they have adopted their little furballs as true members of the family and it’s no surprise that they are adopting 35% more pets than the previous generations.

But Why?



The $69 billion pet industry (US) has already grown three times larger than in 1996, and Millennials are fueling the increase. With 44% of Millennials unsure if they want to start a family, it makes sense that their Instagram feeds may be more full of furrkids than tiny humans. If you look at the average amount it costs yearly to take care of a furry BFF they range from around $2000 to $3500 and when compared to around $12,800 to $14,900 per year to raise a child, it costs significantly less.


A sense of purpose..

Dogs are a big lifetime commitment and need a lot of love, care and attention, but not constant monitoring like a human child. It isn’t considered an abusive practice to leave your pup at home alone for a small amount of time but parents can’t do this with a child. Kids need to be watched all the time and the price of childcare is always going up. Dogs provide us with purpose and many feel as though they are less of a burden than having children. This desire for freedom within Millennial women is something that is always growing, this is why more and more are deciding to become pawrents, rather than parents!



Raising a dog can help committed couples who are either married or heading towards a future with a baby learn how to be good parents. At the very least, it gives insights into how your partner may be as a parent. You learn how to adapt your schedules and work together to make sure your furrkid(s) are happy and well looked after. Many Millennials are favouring dogs are seeing their pup as a part of the family and aren’t even thinking about having children.


All of these reasons are why for those in a phase of life where the thought of looking after a child seems too stressful or financially difficult– a dog is a perfect companion. A dog provides unconditional love, can be great for your mental and physical health, and helps you learn more about your partner if you’re headed towards those often feared millennial life stages of marriage and baby making.


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Emily for PawHi.