Pawsome Story – Libby And Scout

Aug. 1, 2018

Our pawsome story this week is about what’s behind the beautiful accessories made with love in Bali, BaliPaws. BaliPaws also has a very meaningful mission behind the brand, helping rescue dogs in the beautiful island of Bali. So many people love their bandanas and they have built up loyal clients all over the world. This is the story of the founder, Libby and her beloved rescue pup, Scout.


Libby is originally from the USA – but she hasn’t lived there for over 5 years. Libby has always been a big time dog lover; she grew up with dogs during her childhood and they were always considered part of family.

When she moved to Bali she knew she wanted to be part of the manydog rescue programs on the island, she even planned to foster dogs that needed help. “I had heard so much about the amazing rescue organisations on the island before I moved to Bali and being a dog lover, I wanted to be a safe home for a dog to get a loving lifestyle – even if it was only for a foster time frame”- said Libby to PawHi.

Libby then began working in a hospitality company whilst being regularly involves in rescue dog projects. Although she works during weekdays, she spends most of her weekends following her passion, helping dogs.


Libby and her husband James, regularly began to foster dogs. Until one day, little Scout entered their lives and somehow Libby knew that she couldn’t part with her! Scout was such a sweet pup, she had just come from the dog shelter and no one knows what she’d been through so she was very skittish back then. One day, Libby took Scout to the beach and she slipped out of her lead and Scout managed to ran away! She couldn’t find her anywhere and she was devastated, thinking about how the poor little pup would survive by herself.

They looked high and low, day and night. On their third day searching, still very worried and sad, Libby went to work, unexpectedly she spotted Scout on her way. Their eyes met, Scout starts wagging her tail and was so excited to see Libby, even though they only had spent a few days together. She hugged her tight and they have had a strong bond ever since this moment.


After that day, Scout seems to not ever want to be far from Libby. She soon became Libby’s shadow. She loves to follow her around. Libby can’t get off the sofa without her following to wherever she is going, even just to the bathroom! This makes Scout perfect for morning beach walks as they don’t need to use a leash.

James has originally told Libby that they could foster Scout for a month but sooner or later she had convinced him that Scout should be theirs! That was over a year ago now and their little family couldn’t be happier!


Scout is getting happier every day and the amount of love she has added to Libby and James’ life is so incredible that it inspires Libby a lot in her daily life. She is still a bit shy around new friends, but once you gain her trust she is wagging her tail and ready to run by your side. She loves living the Bali lifestyle, going to the beach in the morning and playing with her beach dog friends, she is even slowly learning to love the ocean and waves. “The way she unconditionally loves me and James is one of the many things that make Scout so special to us! Scout will eventually move to the USA! We don’t have a timeframe yet, but if we ever leave Indonesia-  She’s coming with us!!” added Libby.


Through this amazing connection with Scout, Libby learned that Bali Dogs are awesome and decided to even give more help to protect the Bali Dogs and other rescue dogs on the island. At that time she liked to put fabric around Scout’s neck like she is wearing a cute cloth. Scout looked so happy and got so many compliments wearing them, so Libby was inspired to create cute & comfortable bandanas for dogs, while being able to help other strays and rescues in the island, and that is when Bali Paws was born!


Bali Paws is an organisation making beautifully designed handmade bandanas for pups and even matching ones for pawrents! Each bandana is designed and made in the tropical paradise that is Bali. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these stunning bandanas goes towards projects run by Mission Pawsible – a non-profit organisation that raises money to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in Bali.


To see how you can help support the amazing work that Libby, Bali Paws and Mission Pawsible are doing check out BaliPaws website. PawHi simply adore dog products with strong value of dogs are family behind it and we wish Libby and Bali Paws all the success in the world!