Pawsome Story – Bitees Treats

Sept. 20, 2018

Our pawsome story this time is coming from another part of the world, but it’s too cute for us not to have this featured on our blog. It’s about the kidtrepreneur sisters from Hampton, Virginia, all the way in the USA. Maliyah (6) and Mariah (5) Wesley, aren’t your typical children. At an early age, they’ve managed to accomplish something that many adults strive to achieve: creating a successful business with the sole aim of bettering the lives of dogs! These girls really are special, it’s clear to see that they have a passion for animals! What’s even better is that coming from a homeschooling background they are able to use their creativity and entrepreneurship to earn school credit!


‘One day, we were on Youtube watching videos and we came across something that really touched our hearts. There were animal sanctuaries all over the world that were taking in animals that no one wanted. We begged our mom for weeks to start an animal sanctuary of our own. We couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that there were so many animals, big and small, that were mistreated, living in horrible conditions, and just not wanted. Our mom said that in order to start one of our own, we needed to find a way to earn money to buy land, pay for food, and veterinary care.’


Around the same time, they heard from their Grandma that she was having a problem with her pup Emitt, the treats that she was giving him were making him sick. We all know some of these commercial mass produced dog treats can contain a load of nasties, so that’s when they had a great idea! ‘This is when my sister and I came up with the idea that we could make our own healthy dog treats that were not filled with a bunch of bad stuff. This way Emitt could still enjoy things he loved, without getting sick.’

They worked hard to research what dogs can and can’t eat and to build their brand. They came up with their own company name – Bitees Treats – and logo, developed pawsome recipes (with Emitt and their pups as chief testers of course!) and then decided, that through their own love of them, the treats should be in the shape of doughnuts!


The girls have two rescue pups of their own, Max and Sophia.


‘Max is an eight year old Golden Retriever / Lab Mix. We adopted Max into our family in 2011, from our local SPCA shelter. Max now works full-time in our product development department, testing out treats! He is responsible for developing new flavors and determining which flavors should be featured on our product line.’


‘Sophia is a four year old Black Lab Mix. Our family fostered her litter after they were rescued from North Carolina. Max and Sophia quickly became best friends and we adopted her into our family in 2014. Sophia is highly qualified for her role in the product development department. She is responsible for ensuring that every batch tastes right and is up to our standards.’


So production began and whilst they were making their healthy doughnut treats, they were trying to figure out the best way to use the leftover doughnut holes. Being passionate dog lovers, they researched the dog rescues in the area and decided to donate the doughnut hole treats to their less fortunate furriends as a way to give back to the community.


They absolutely love going into the rescues with their homemade healthy treats and giving love to dogs that need it the most. They have made it their mission to donate as many doughnut holes as possible to these pups and it is inspiring that these kids are so young but are so compassionate towards animals.


At PawHi we love hearing about the pawsome work hoomans do to help to better the lives of all dogs and it is really inspiring to see that even young children have this kind love and compassion towards dogs!


Emily For PawHi