PawHi’s Choice – Top Tips To Fight Bad Doggy Breath

Sept. 10, 2018

Dog breath is one of the most common things that hoomans often pay close attention to, when it changes from ‘okay’ to ‘eww’ but everything else about your pup is delightful, how do you fix this problem? We have carefully chosen the following tips, including our founder’s top choices to prevent bad breath with her pups.

Coconut Oil


This famous natural oil is quickly becoming a favorite cure-all for hoomans and pups, and now you can add “fights bad dog breath” to its list of superpowers. A spoonful of this healthy oil for your dog is a sweet treat that aids digestion and boosts immune system function, helping to freshen the breath from the inside out. And the good news is that dogs absolutely love the taste and it could really help you to introduce your pup to teeth brushing in a way that they enjoy!

Raw Veggies


Feeding your pup raw veggies such as carrots and broccoli is great for helping to maintain their healthy gums as well as getting your pup essential nutrients and vitamins at the same time. Ditta recommends giving them at night time to help to maintain their healthy digestive system.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar is a trendy superfood ingredient for us hoomans but it is also really beneficial to dogs. Adding roughly half a teaspoon of the raw vinegar to your pups water bowl will really help to freshen their breath as well as helping with everything from boosting immune system to detoxifying the kidneys.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth


Most people recommend for you to begin brushing your dogs teeth as early as possible so that they are able to get used to it and it doesn’t become a problem. You should use a special toothbrush for dogs or an alternative such as gauze wrapped around your finger as well as specially formulated doggy tooth paste or even coconut oil. Normal hooman toothbrushes and paste are too harsh for your pups mouth and can be harmful if swallowed. Make sure to lift the lips and get to the back molars as this is where the most tartar could be building up. If you positively reinforce the brushing process then your pup will be happy to have their pearly whites cleaned!

Founders Tips

However our founder, Ditta, has never particularly believe in these two. “Dog toothpaste and toothbrush to me, are unnecessary things that humans created for dogs. I choose to go all natural to all my 5 pups, it works so perfect. They never have bad breath and both my 7 and 5 years young don’t even have a buildup tartar on their teeth. “ So what are the two natural ways she recommends?

Raw Meaty Bones


Raw meaty bones contain vital nutrients such as calcium, this makes them incredible at supporting good oral health. When your pooch chews on or works to eat raw meaty bones, the bones (along with the meat and tendons) scrape their teeth and gums and act like a natural toothbrush. This helps keep the teeth clean (and can help get them clean if your pooch has a lot of tartar and plaque.) Iit also helps prevent food build-up and even gingivitis. Feeding your four-legged BFF a healthy diet that includes raw meaty bones at least 3 times per week is one of the most effective ways to ensure your pet doesn’t get a dental disease.

Greens and Herbs


Introducing a lot of greens into your pups diet is not only super beneficial to their health but also helps to fight the bad bacteria that causes stinky breath from the inside out. Adding herbs such as parsley or mint to your pups bowl will instantly fight the smell!

If you follow these tips and ensure your pup has a healthy balanced diet you shouldn’t have bad breath problems!

If you have any more tips or tricks, comment below or send us an email to! We love hearing from you!


Team PawHi