PawHi’s Choice – Top Tips To Fight Bad Doggy Breath

Sept. 10, 2018

Dog breath is one of the most common things that hoomans often pay close attention to, when it changes from ‘okay’ to ‘eww’ but everything else about

Pawhi’s Choice – The Sprinkle Superfoods for Your Pup’s Health

Sept. 4, 2018

Sprinkled Superfoods are not only the easy to use to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, they are known to be super healthy for hoomans. They boost our immune system even

PawHi’s Choice – Dog Friendly Hangout Spots In Bali

Aug. 3, 2018

Lucky for us pawrents, Bali is pretty dog friendly; meaning there are plenty of places that you can go to spend the day with your pup.

Pawhi’s Choice: Indonesia’s Dog Celebgram

June 18, 2018

Don't worry! You and your friends aren’t the only ones guilty of taking hundreds of photos of your dogs! Dogs on instagram are gaining so much fame and we thought

PawHi’s Choice – Dog Friendly Spots In Jakarta

May 21, 2018

If we had it our way, us hoomans would let our pooches accompany us wherever we go, be that a café, hotel or park. However, as we don’t make the