A place where dogs are family and family is furever.
We build awareness through our community to better the lives of all dogs.

Dogs are pawsome; they’re smart, cute and bonding with hoomans. Although, we are all tired of dogs being mistreated. Therefore we build awareness about how the lifetime commitment matters the most, regardless of how you get your dog.

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PawHi as a Community and Company

We love dogs, dogs are lovable amazing creatures, that’s why they’ve always been called “man’s best friend”. We believe that once a dog is home, they are part of the family member.

Although dogs are loved by many, we still find sad situations where they are mistreated which is heartbreaking for us! There really is no better bond than that between a dog and their hooman. At PawHi we are passionate about dogs and their welfare, we believe that we can all play a part in bettering the lives of all dogs!

We found many different hoomans with different preferences; whether to adopt or to buy their dogs. Therefore at PawHi, regardless of how they came into our lives, we think that to whoever loves dogs, having dogs are more than just adopt or shop, the life time commitment and taking care of them properly is the most important thing!

Pawhi provides extensive/integrated pawsome experiences for dog lovers (hoomans) to learn, share, and provide great things for dogs.


Our specially crafted products, such as toys, treats and chews are designed and made for your pups maximum happiness!


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